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These are storage and service tanks built for the purpose of storing flammable components such as fuel and oil above ground. It is generally preferred in heat centers and asphalt plants. Aboveground tanks  are examined in two separate groups as Single and Double skin. In these tanks, where the risk of leakage is easier to diagnose by eye, the body is generally preferred with a single wall, heating and isolation are preferred because these tanks are above the ground and the fluidity of the stored fuel is more dense.

Fuel oil, diesel, oil, gas oil, etc. Fuel tanks are used for the safe storage of petroleum-derived flammable fuels. They are manufactured as underground or aboveground. The dirt, water, sediment and bottom sludge accumulating at the bottom of the tank over time cause the filters and fuel lines to be blocked in the future. There are covers on the top and front of the device to be used for cleaning in such problems. It is  not affected by water, moisture and other factors such as corrosion in underground  or  aboveground physical conditions and it does not rot. It is ideally used for products such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, oil, acid.