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In the design of pumped plants and pumping lines, flywheel addition, pressure reducing valves, an air boiler, also known as a surge chamber or pressure balancing tank, are used to prevent the water hammer caused by the sudden interruption of the electric current from damaging the facility.

The check valve closes before the pump stops completely due to the water hammer that occurs as a result of power failure or a sudden stop, and while the fluid in the line continues its movement at a gradually decreasing speed, it creates a low pressure area behind the check valve. At this moment, the fluid at operating pressure in the pressure balancing tank begins to fill the pipe.

Since there is previously compressed air behind this fluid, a gap is not formed and the pressure drop occurs gradually. After a certain time, the fluid that is compressed due to the increasing pressure due to the suppression wave starts to enter the pressure balancing tank. The pressure rises slightly above the normal operating value and this time the depression wave starts and the fluid starts to fill the pipeline through the pressure equalization tank and these movements are gradually absorbed by the effect of friction loss.